Through the centuries there have been many Rabbis who through reading the Hebrew Scriptures, especially the Prophets, have come to the assurance that Jesus is the Messiah. The following are testimonies of Rabbis, who after openly confessing that Jesus is the Messiah and Saviour, left a comfortable life of position in the Synagogue, some suffered persecution by their family and community and even had to flee their hometown or country.

However, their faith didn’t vacillate and many of these former Rabbis have printed their personal testimonies into books for publication. At the conclusion of several testimonies is a link to read their complete published autobiography or other books they have written.

Rabbis that converted to Christianity

Rabbi Ephraim Ben Joseph Eliakim

Rabbi Chil Slostowski

Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein

Rabbi Max Wertheimer

Rabbi Rudolf Hermann Gurland

Rabbi Leopold Cohn

Rabbi Charles Freshman

If the Tenach truly gives clear prophecies pointing to Jesus being the Messiah, why do not more Rabbis believe in Jesus? To do so, would mean they could no longer hold the office of a Rabbi. The following is a list of former Rabbis, many of whom have written autobiographies.

• Rabbi Daniel Zion

• Rabbi Philipp Philips

• Rabbi Sam Stern

• Michael Solomon Alexander

• Rabbi Joseph Teischman

• Rabbi Kaufmann Kohler

• Rabbi P Daniel Weiss

• Rabbi Dr. Müller

• Rabbi Henry Bregman

• Rabbi Jacobs

• Rabbi Berg

• Rabbi Asher Levy

• Rabbi Dr. T. Tirschtiegel

• Rabbi Azriel Ben Isaac

• Rabbi Marcus Hoch