Profecías sobre el futuro de Israel

Profecías sobre el futuro de Israel

Mensajes de audio

Parte 1 El traslado de Israel desde y hacia su tierra

Parte 2 Los asaltantes que invaden Israel

Parte 3 Renuncia de Israel a su soberanía y reconstrucción del Templo

Parte 4 Imperios que han controlado y controlarán el mundo

Parte 5 Realización del falso Mesías

Parte 6 El retroceso y casi ruina de la nación de Israel

Parte 7 Regreso Regio del Verdadero Mesías

 Profecías sobre el futuro de Israel

The history of the people of Israel as portrayed in the Bible. The Messiah of the Jewish state and the whole world has already come! Its description fits all the Biblical prophecies. However, a false Messiah will also be coming to this world.

  • Why did God allow Israel to be removed from her Land?
  • Why was the Second Temple destroyed? Will it ever be rebuilt?
  • Who wants to destroy Israel? WIll it happen?
  • Which empires are truly controlling the world?

Take your time to listen to these messages. They may change your life.

Israel’s Removal From and To Her Land

The Raiders that Invade Israel

Relinquishing of Israel of Her Sovereignty and Rebuilding the Temple

Empires that Have and Will Control the World

Realization of the False Messiah

The Retreat and Near Ruination of the Nation of Israel

Regal Return of the True Messiah

מה יקרה בעתיד הקרוב Will Happen In The Near Future from on Vimeo.